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What We Do

To ensure your business grows with Chicagofrogx a total solution provider 

As its home base Chicaofrogx hosts a  very strong relationship throughout not only China but all of Asia. By the strength of this relationship International firms are welcomed and helped to quickly adapt to the Asian markets. Chicaofrogx focuses on mending the mentality gaps between Western and Eastern countries by instilling in its partners strength and views to adjust their behaviors . 

To accomplish our goal in serving tech entrepreneurs we help find the local partners, provide solutions to make international firms more attractive to investors, collaborate with local governments, familiarize companies with local policies, and offer various resources to solidify a foundation in Asia. 





Seeking Israeli and European high tech firms that have interest in entering the Chinese market. 

  1. Do you create a product that relates to Robotics, AI, Medical Devices,Chemistry or Related?

  2. Have you completed production? Do you have a prototype? Have you completed clinical trials? 

  3. Do you want to come to China? 


With access to 100's of resources we can pair you with investors and local partners for collaboration.
Assuring your growth in the Chinese market and globally.