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After years of working in the business and investment industry Chicagofrogx was founded by CEO Dr. Dong Bian in Shanghai, China. Named after a close friend who grew up in Chicago and the belief that life and business is always a transition of change Chicaofrogwas born.  With the aspiration to help entrepreneurs be innovative and develop into successful companies we use our global business network to connect tech entrepreneurs with fundraising, networking guidance and post investment management in China. 

To strengthen Chicagofrogx global presence and further contribute to international technology cooperation we have aligned with Gold Ventures Incubator (GVI) an Israeli incubator located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Through this alignment GVI and Chicagofrogx launched the China-Israel project to assist in Israeli high-tech startups entering the Chinese markets by collaborating with China's main players. Along with this Chicagofrogx works alongside European investors, accelerators and local governments to co-invest in opportunities and promote all international collaboration.